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About Me

As a high level summary, I am a rising senior studying at Texas A&M University.

For extra information, please see:

  1. I am eddiep24 on GitHub, and am on LinkedIn.
  2. Email me at eddiephillips101@gmail.com OR edp@tamu.edu
  3. Call me at (430) 529-0088
Work Experience

This fall, I will be interning at Google and assisting in optimizing their B4 intra-datacenter algorithm.

I joined the Texas A&M SETH Lab in February 2023. The lab primarily focuses on hardware fuzzing, AI in hardware security, and hardware reverse engineering attacks. My work is funded by Sandia National Labs, and I utilize hardware fuzzing to detect bugs in their processors. Throughout my time working, I have reviewed extensive code and regularly utilize Python, Verilog, Assembly, and metaprogramming tools, such as Chipyard (CPU emulator), Synopsis VCS, and FPGA emulation. Initially, I contributed to the fuzzing of the Ibex core through simulation. Afterward, I spearheaded the effort in emulating a RISC-V core on an FPGA board, requiring expertise in code instrumentation and FPGA configuration.

From May 2022 to July 2022, I worked at Herbert-ABS Software Solutions LLC. Herbert-ABS is a software company concerned with developing analysis and design tools that aid in Maritime tasks. I first conducted research on a genetic algorithm library that would be compatible with the code base. There are thousands of Python ML libraries that support different operations. Mine had to be compatible with basic functions, such as crossover and gene mutation. The ultimate conclusion was that no libraries were suitable given our constraints, so we made our own NGSA-II algorithm library. After researching, I ported their old Visual Basic 6 code from a previous release to Python 2.7. The deceivingly challenging task led me to learn about the code base extensively. During my final few weeks, I coded in C# on the main HECSTAB software. Having already familiarized myself with the code base, I was able to develop the power optimization and power graph features with ease.

From September 2021 to May 2022 I worked at Texas A&M Research Security Office. In a broad sense, the Texas A&M RSO investigates potential violations of federal law by academics. A common example of this would be a professor not disclosing they were part of the Chinese Communist Party, nonetheless conducting research funded by the Department of Defense. My role at the RSO was to create web tools to aid investigators in clearing people as well as collecting data via open-source data mining. The web tools are housed internally.

From March 2021 to August 2021 I camped out at Micro Center Dallas buying GPUs and adding to my mining rig.

For the next two summers, I worked as a Lifeguard for the City of Farmers Branch.

During the Summer of 2018, I got my first job working as a Tennis Assistant for the City of Frederick Parks & Recreation. There was no initial intention of getting paid, I simply showed up and helped the employees because I wanted to play with adults. After helping pick up balls and partially coaching people, they decided to give pay me about $300 at the end of the summer.



  • October 2022: HowdyHack 1st Place (October 2022 Hackathon with 400+ attendees)
  • May 2021: R.L. Turner 2021 Salutatorian
  • December 2020: Eagle Scout
  • October 2020: AWS Certified Cloud Practicioner
  • March 2018: Confucian Scholar (Recited most Confucian texts than anyone in my class)